If you have a computer, digital dictation machine or mobile phone, send us your audio files and
we will transform them into a quality, word processed document.

Or forward your text and image files to be transformed into a format fit for publication.

Rapid turnaround and excellent rates tailored to your needs.

We also provide a book illustration service.

Do you need to find a talented illustrator?  Here are some examples of the work of our artists. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

Here are some samples of published work desktop publishedby ToucheTechnique. 

Link to book samples here - A Handful of Chestnuts, book of poems, etc.

Contact us now to arrange an informal discussion.

Enquiries are welcomed and you will not be subjected to pressure to purchase services.

 ToucheTechnique, Dordogne, France - Siret no: 50007387900016

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