Services for Authors and Academics

Take your book to the next stage.

We will transform your audio files and draft manuscripts into publishable format.

We know that each project is unique so we want to negotiate the best-value arrangement for all concerned.

As an indication, for a draft A4-sized document with 1.5 line spacing, prices start from as little as £1.50/€1.75 per page.
Note that the quality of the audio files/manuscript provided will have a bearing on price.

Alternatively, we can negotiate a monthly retainer for ongoing projects.  
Prices start from £50/€60 a month.
Prices negotiated according to project size and monthly hours contracted.
Minimum six-month period for monthly retainers.

No frills format:

No images, basic unformatted text transcribed from audio files or handwritten notes £1.50/€1.75 per page.

DTP format:

Fully formatted, proof read and desktop published, with images, indices and page numbering incorporated

Up to 20 pages, £5/€5.75 per page
20 to 100 pages, £4/€4.75 per page
100 pages or more, £3/€3.50 per page

Prices based on ready-to-publish document, formatted to required paper size and specifications


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